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Import, marketing and distribution of toiletry items, cosmetics and fragnance
About Us
Founded in 1978, API Churi Distribution Ltd. is the leading import and distribution company in Israel for cosmetics, perfumes, and toiletries intended for sale in the private market and marketing chains. In addition to selling brands of industry leaders, including but not limited to, L’Oreal, Sano, Unilever, Diplomat, Lilit, and Guri, we have developed over 20 private labels, allowing our customers to purchase quality products at reasonable prices. Furthermore, we maintain trade ties with other companies all over the globe, mainly in the industry of perfume and toiletry imports
One Stop Shop
The wide range of products offered by API Churi Distribution makes us a one stop shop for retailers in Israel. We specialize in bringing a broad offering, including cosmetics, toiletries, and household and cleaning items, in quantities tailored to store size, all at affordable prices. This advantage allows us to function as the logistical arm for major importers, allowing these companies to effectively distribute their brands across the Israeli market. Our company’s experienced and professional sales team knows how to tailor the right product combination to any client in any region and in any sector. In fact, this allows the client to “fill” the store with products from all categories and a variety of market brands without having to turn to multiple suppliers.
Product Development
API Churi Distribution’s Private label division currently distributes over 20 brands and hundreds of products to our customers, providing them with the opportunity to purchase high-quality products at reasonable prices. This allows them to participate in the growing customer-centric trend of fairness and affordability. The division identifies industry trends, customer needs, and market processes, and works to bring them from theory to action and from the concept stage to the production stage. Our brands include:
Over 40 Years of Experience
API Churi Distribution Ltd. was founded in 1978 and boasts over 40 years of experience. The growth of our distribution system as an organic continuation of the company’s chain of stores has given us a unique and interesting perspective. As a distributor, we understand the needs of stores in the private market and know how to best meet these needs. API Churi Distribution is proud of our longstanding customer relationships. Over the years, we have seen these relationships evolve into deepseated partnerships characterized by a mutual loyalty that is unparalleled in the industry.
Distribution Across Israel
API Churi Distribution provides services to over 2000 points of sale, ranging from private store, minimarkets, supermarkets, cosmetic stores, and kibbutzim, as well as wholesalers and leading Israeli marketing chains. Our distribution system encompasses all of Israel from Gush Dan to Eilat (including the West Bank and Gaza Strip), allowing every one of our customers to receive high-quality, professional, and efficient service. The company’s sales agents provide service and support in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English.
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Additional Services
Business Consultation and Support
In line with the high standard of service A.P.I Churi Distribution is known for, our experienced and skilled Sales team help retail customers determine the right mix of products according to their specific needs, geographic location, customer base, and retail floorspace. Furthermore, our Sales professionals will also suggest retail business owners a wide selection of promotions, special offers, and other marketing activities options for both routine and holiday shopping, while taking into consideration current market trends and changes in the dynamic retail landscape.

A.P.I Churi Distribution provides
outsourcing services, including import,
storage, distribution, inventory
management, and POS management for
leading retailers. Through this service
retail chains benefit from professional
guidance and support for the import of
goods and working with international
suppliers, as well as logistics, fulfillment,
and shelf stacking services in the retail
location. For the past two years, A.P.I
Churi Distribution has been providing
subcontracting services to the BE retail
chain for various cosmetics and toiletry

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